Come and experience the unique charm of Russian

URAL, the CHANGJIANG sidecars and the Indian ROYAL ENFIELD motorcycles



The originality and the rough charm from the time when motorcycles were still everyday objects,

are still today, in addition to a meanwhile greatly improved technical equipment,

standard attributes of these motorcycles.


Precisely because the design of bygone times is reproduced everywhere,

these motorcycles are more contemporary than ever.

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The Ural team is looking forward to your visit!

round_logo.jpg URAL NEWS

ural grafik kl--3.pngural%20grafik%20kl-.pngUral remains Ural!ural%20grafik%20kl--2.png

Production starts at new manufacturing plant in Petropavlovsk (Kazakhstan)

Ural remains Ural! We might think so, but a lot had changed at Ural trailers in 2022, and there will be further changes in 2023. Firstly, a large part of the company moved from its Russian homeland to Kazakhstan and completely rebuilt production there in 6 months.

The Ural sidecars have been fundamentally revised for 2023. A new engine housing with new seals has been developed. The new bearing seats should last longer and new oil nozzles should lubricate better. The valve train via pushrods and rocker arms has been refreshed with new roller tappets. In addition to the engine, Ural has also focussed on the drive of the sidecar. From 2023, the drive shaft is connected in constant velocity bearings (as in passenger cars), which replace the familiar universal joints. This ensures smooth running and high mileage.

The 2023 Ural sidecars can be ordered in 3 variants and 8 colours. (Special colours are available at extra cost)

The basic model is the cT with 18-inch wheels and 1 WD drive. It continues with the T TWD with powered sidecar and 19-inch wheels. The top model with K37 Enduro tyres, petrol canister, spare wheel, luggage rack and folding spade is the Ranger.

Ural-2023-169Gallery-4c051524-1969878.jpg Ural-2023-169Gallery-c867d2a-1969885.jpgUral-2023-169Gallery-547f891b-1969887.jpg

80 years URAL - a unique motorcycle

Born 80 years ago in the darkest hours of the 20th century's greatest conflict, it was designed for use on the battlefield, only to be discarded and rust away once the fighting was over. Yet URAL has outlived every other machine of the era.

Fuelled by perseverance, determination and a spirit too stubborn to quit, the Ural with 2WD drive has transformed itself into an enduro machine that awakens the desire for adventure in you on seemingly impassable roads!

It's never been easy... recognising the past, living in a rapidly changing present and at the same time looking to an often challenging future... but it will never be love.
Born 80 years ago in the darkest hours of the 20th century's greatest conflict, it was designed for use on the battlefield, only to be discarded and left to rust once the fighting was over. Yet URAL has outlived every other machine of the era.




        We love you - URAL  


             Happy Birthday -

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Royal Enfield presents 2024 the Himalayan 450

Built for intense riding fun on any surface!

2022-royal-enfield-hunter-350-launched-in-India-priced-at.jpgThe new Himalayan 450 - Built by the Himalayas

The Royal Enfield Himalayan 450 combines 60 years of Himalayan experience with a completely new design and the new Sherpa 452 engine. Equipped with strong off-road capabilities, it masters pothole tracks just as brilliantly as mountain routes. Decades of expeditions in the Himalayas. Thousands of kilometres through the most demanding terrain - developed for the mountains. This is how the Himalayan was created, a multi-tool for every day - robust and versatile for intense riding fun on any surface. A motorbike with a strong tradition of adventure that remains true to our philosophy of pure motorcycling. The all-new Himalayan 450 has the skills, versatility and capability to go wherever your adventure takes you. Nothing you don't need, and everything you need for the ever-changing times.



new himalayan 450-2.png


Royal Enfield presents the Bullet 350

Unchanged by time - the legendary Bullet is back

The Bullet 2023. New Heart. Same Beat.


Nine decades of unbroken tradition.
Nine decades of indestructible service.

Through wars and at weddings, over mountains and through gorges. Most motorbikes come and go, but a few become icons. The Bullet 350 is not just a motorbike. It's a legend with a legacy of over nine decades. It has guided generations of riders to the most important moments of their lives. Today, its history shines as brightly as its golden pinstripes, and every stroke is a testament to the Bullet's courage and spirit. The illustrious history of the Royal Enfield Bullet shines as brightly as its iconic golden pinstripes.





Royal Enfield Super Meteor 650




The brand new Royal Enfield Super Meteor 650 is the latest motorbike and also the flagship of the Royal Enfield brand, which honours its bikes with the slogan "made like a gun". The Super Meteor 650 continues Royal Enfield's cruiser family, which first appeared on the scene in 2021 with the likeable Meteor 350.

"The Super Meteor 650 is based on our philosophy that people and their destination cannot be limited to hours or miles."



Royal Enfield super Meteor 650.png 


Royal Enfield Hunter 350

New geometry for new geography!


The Hunter 350 is a compact and extremely manoeuvrable and agile motorbike and is designed to fit into the coolest neighbourhoods in the world, from big cities to small towns and everything in between.
The Hunter 350 is a trendsetter with modern features & colours and an enjoyable engine performance with a pleasant sound.

Screenshot 2022-10-04 at 17-23-20 Royal Enfield Hunter 350 A Shot Of Motorcycling.png


Royal Enfield Scram 411 

Ein Street Scrambler mit dem Herz eines Adventure-Motorrads!

D2K_BaseYellow_000kl_1.pngDie geländeerprobten und vielerorts geschätzten Eigenschaften der Himalayan wurden nun die Inspiration für eine eher urbane Evolution im Scrambler-Stil - die Royal Enfield Scram 411. Basierend auf der bekannten LS-410-Motorplattform von Royal Enfield und einem Harris Performance-Fahrwerk kombiniert die Scram 411 Agilität auf städtischen Straßen mit Geländegängigkeit. Gezielte Änderungen an der Fahrgeometrie und Ergonomie macht die Scram 411 ideal für Fahrten in der Stadt, aber auch für Trails abseits des Stadtverkehrs ...


Royal Enfield Classic 350

The rebirth of the Classic - a legendary model returns!


The curved mudguards and teardrop-shaped fuel tank, the characteristic cassette headlights, the unique paintwork and the unmistakable sound emanating from the exhaust harmonise to make this masterpiece what it is - a timeless Royal Enfield Classic. Elegant, with a glossy finish adorning an exceptional contrast, it exudes unrivalled beauty and quality that stands the test of time. With the Classic 350, Royal Enfield presents the successor model to the popular 500. Authentic in appearance, the new Classic is based on the current technology of the Meteor 350 ...





Royal Enfield Meteor 350


The Meteor 350 is based on our long-distance riding ethos
and embodies the eternal spirit of cruising.

The Meteor 350 is a Royal Enfield icon from the 1950s. The Meteor, presented in 1952, was a highly acclaimed touring motorcycle within the Royal Enfield family that has manifested its good reputation over many kilometers and for a long time. The new Easy Cruiser Meteor 350 skilfully transfers the special features of its predecessor into the modern age. The Meteor 350 is aimed at a wide range of customers - whether women or men, from commuters to lovers of weekend tours to those returning to the sport, students, beginners and experienced motorcyclists. This makes the Meteor 350 a versatile motorcycle that is ideally suited both for exploring the city and for extended tours.



Find out more and experience when you visit us - we look forward to it!