Ural Models

Experience the URAL philosophy, the unmistakable design and the individual character.


The Ural teams awaken the desire for freedom and remind us of carefree times when a motorcycle and a driving destination were all you needed.

Choose from: Untrailer and with sidecar drive:

Without sidecar drive: Ural cT, Ural Classic, Ural T

Ural cT has 18 inch wheels, Ural T has 19 inch wheels, both have a pushed swing for the front wheel guide. Model cT and T are essentially identical in construction, the Ural T is a slimmed-down version of the cT,just without protective brackets and cover tarpaulin.

The Classic has 18 inch wheels and a telescopic fork for the front wheel guide, otherwise it corresponds to the equipment of the Ural cT

With sidecar drive: Ural T TWD, Ural Sportsman, Ural Ranger

The sidecar drive can be switched on. This means that the vehicle is normally moved with rear-wheel drive. On ground with little or no grip (ice, snow, gravel, sand, deep ground, "offroad") the sidecar wheel can be switched on by means of a small lever. Both wheels now have traction. However, there is no differential, which means that the traction is 100% on both wheels, the effect is like a differential lock. Steering in this state is almost impossible on normal ground, but the effect of the Ural sidecar drive is very welcome in the terrain. Ural teams with sidecar drive are extremely popular with all winter drivers for nothing.

Ural Ranger
is the martial and most popular Ural with sidecar drive. Always something with a military look, more in the Forest Camo and Urban Camo versions, less in the version in monochrome asphalt.

Ural Sportsman is a civilian variant of the Rangers in "normal" colors but with switchable sidecar drive.

Ural T TWD is a slimmed-down Ural Sportsman or Ranger and is the cheapest Ural vehicle with sidecar drive.

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