Ural Models

Experience the URAL philosophy, the unmistakable design and the individual character.


The Ural teams awaken the desire for freedom and remind us of carefree times when a motorcycle and a driving destination were all you needed.

Choose from: Untrailer and with sidecar drive:

Without sidecar drive: Ural cT, Ural Classic, Ural T

Ural cT has 18 inch wheels, Ural T has 19 inch wheels, both have a pushed swing for the front wheel guide. Model cT and T are essentially identical in construction, the Ural T is a slimmed-down version of the cT,just without protective brackets and cover tarpaulin.

The Classic has 18 inch wheels and a telescopic fork for the front wheel guide, otherwise it corresponds to the equipment of the Ural cT

With sidecar drive: Ural T TWD, Ural Sportsman, Ural Ranger

The sidecar drive can be switched on. This means that the vehicle is normally moved with rear-wheel drive. On ground with little or no grip (ice, snow, gravel, sand, deep ground, "offroad") the sidecar wheel can be switched on by means of a small lever. Both wheels now have traction. However, there is no differential, which means that the traction is 100% on both wheels, the effect is like a differential lock. Steering in this state is almost impossible on normal ground, but the effect of the Ural sidecar drive is very welcome in the terrain. Ural teams with sidecar drive are extremely popular with all winter drivers for nothing.

Ural Ranger
is the martial and most popular Ural with sidecar drive. Always something with a military look, more in the Forest Camo and Urban Camo versions, less in the version in monochrome asphalt.

Ural Sportsman is a civilian variant of the Rangers in "normal" colors but with switchable sidecar drive.

Ural T TWD is a slimmed-down Ural Sportsman or Ranger and is the cheapest Ural vehicle with sidecar drive.

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Ural Models


  • Ural Ranger 2WD

    RANGER - fordesert, forest & wilderness!

    Ural Ranger 2WD Combination with switchable, locked sidecar drive without differential, that means uncompromisingly rigid drive on loose ground such as gravel, sand, snow or ice!
    The ranger stands for exceptional driving fun even off paved roads. The variant for the very rough - no gloss, no chrome, the RANGER comes in martial green-brown camouflage, urban white-grey camouflage or with the slightly defused look in matt asphalt-grey. The Ural Ranger is just right for desert, forest and wilderness!
    As a team with sidecar drive and high ground clearance, it is ideally suited for the nomads among us, for those travellers who like to move away from the smooth roads. Enduro tyres, searchlights, spades, additional petrol canisters, spare wheel, luggage racks above the spare wheel are standard equipment with the Ural Ranger.

    A team full of superlatives: The crew of the Rangers is equipped as standard with the greatest ground clearance of all URAL machines. The sidecar wheel can be switched on. And 100% without differential. This guarantees on the one hand beautiful straight-running in the most difficult terrain, on the other hand also in well asphalted bends of all radii (dangerous).

    The copilot is armed with a shovel, searchlight, luggage rack over the spare wheel, 17 and other keys, screwdriver, combi pliers, a container for spare gasoline or other liquids and paint cans to correct possible driving errors of the pilot.

    In any case, the vehicle is an absolute eye-catcher on the road: opposing motorists become tame like lambs, even motorcyclists of the bent calibre drive long in the back until they dare to overtake. In the parking lot in front of the biker meeting, the ranger cleans up effortlessly, if it has to be also in reverse. And caught on forbidden forest roads, the rangers themselves unleash a broad grin from the natural enemy of the motorcycle endurist, the hunter or forester.

    Ural Ranger is the martial and most popular Ural with sidecar drive. Always something with a military look, more in the Forest Camo and Urban Camo versions, less in the version in monochrome asphalt.


  • Ural Sportsman 2WD

    SPORTSMAN - for exceptional driving fun!

    The SPORTSMAN stands for exceptional driving pleasure even off paved roads. Switchable, locked sidecar drive without differnenzial - that is, uncompromisingrigid drive on loose ground.

    Ural Sportsman is a civilian variant of the Rangers in "normal" colors but with swaying sidecar drive and thus a "all-wheel drive" URAL. The sidecar drive makes all the difference. The sidecar drive can be switched on. With snow, ice, on sand, in the forest and "offroad" always helpful when a wheel pushes more. The sidecar drive works without differential, a simple but highly efficient mechanical gimbal drive to the sidecar wheel.


  • Ural T 2WD

    T 2WD - The Base

    The Ural T 2WD is a cheap basic vehicle - with switchable sidecar drive, that means uncompromising lyancy on loose ground such as gravel, sand, snow or ice!

    URAL teams have been continuously improved in detail in recent years. The investment in quality also led to a continuous increase in the selling price. For some years now there has been a cheap Ural team again.

    Ural T 2WD is a slimmed-down Ural Sportsman or Ranger The most important thing they have! The switchable sidecar drive. The low price is made possible by omitting it: The T 2WD has no passenger seat, no spare wheel, no protectors, windshields and the like. The T 2WD is reduced to the bare minimum in terms of equipment.

    In the spirit of Henry Ford's T-model:

    In order to speed up and simplify production, the T-model was simply painted black in its first model years. No chrome, all in black. Until the 2014 model year, the T-model was kept glossy in black, from 2015 everything is matt in black. Since the 2018 model year, we have the URAL T 2WD in three colours, namely in plain black matt, in terracotta metallic and in olive matt - this is rather a strict military touch.

    Of course, all missing features of the URAL T 2WD can be retrofitted at any time!


  • Ural Tourist

    TOURIST - Pure sidecar driving!

    The TOURIST is the classic: the most popular Ural team for eternity.
    Unrivalled in terms of price-performance ratio, sympathetic design,
    robust and well-thought-out team technology.

    Practically in all situations of life, can be used for all eventualities. Changeable like no other team. Each Ural driver designs the tourist according to his own needs - for fishing, for picnics, for children, pets, mothers-in-law, for world tours or to the ice cream parlour.


  • Ural cT

    cT - for beginners in the team driving!

    The Ural cT is a further development of the Ural T. The basic idea of the Model T is the radical reduction of the equipment to the essentials and the attractive price for a lot of motorcycle with sidecar.

    The cT is designed for beginners in the team driving and is extremely easy to drive.

    The cT is lower and lighter built than all other URAL models. That's why it's so easy to bend around the corners faster. It has 18 inch wheels with the best road tyres for URAL teams, the HEIDENAU K28 profile.

    All in all an ideal team for daily use, for the weekend outing or for shopping at the supermarket.


  • Ural Classic

    CLASSIC - The most elegant URAL team!

    Unfortunately, the retro model, the most beautiful URAL team, was taken out of production. And then comes a replacement for the Retro: The URAL Classic

    The Classic builds low, rolls on 18 inch wheels, the sidecar chassis is from the retro, so also low and slightly wider than with Tourist, Sportsman or Ranger. The front telefork from MARZOCCHI was also taken over by the retro. That's what makes the Classic so classic.

  • Ural T
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