Adhesive grease 400 ml JMC
  • Adhesive grease 400 ml JMC

Adhesive grease 400 ml JMC

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Adhesive grease 400 ml JMC


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Adhesive grease 400 ml JMC

Semi-synthetic long-term adhesive lubricant

Extremely pressure resistant

Splash and salt water resistant


Long-term lubrication safety in the chassis area

Thin-bodied and creep-resistant

Full adhesion and lubricating effect is achieved after evaporation of the propellant

General adhesive lubricant for workshop and operating areas

For the lubrication of suspension struts, hand brake and clutch linkages, spring supports, joints, stabilisers

Can also be used without problems for other areas, e.g. screw spirals, lifting platforms, wash arches, gates, etc.

Against friction noise from door catch straps, suspension struts, etc.

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