Chain Spray 300ml JMC Dry
  • Chain Spray 300ml JMC Dry

Chain Spray 300ml JMC Dry

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Chain Spray 300ml JMC Dry


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Chain Spray 300ml JMC Dry

Fully synthetic, light-coloured, strongly adhesive special lubricant with additives against ageing, corrosion and wear. The high PTFE solids content ensures grease-free sealing of the entire surface.

    Recommended for O- and X-ring chains
    Excellent adhesion, no dripping or spinning off
    Economical in use
    Wax-like dry film, therefore no adhesion of dirt
    Water repellent, extreme protection against corrosion
    Excellent damping properties
    Excellent creep and penetration properties
    Very stable to ageing, also to aggressive media
    Low friction values, low wear
    Extremely UV resistant

Range of application:

    For lubrication of all chains, sliding surfaces, splined shafts, cardan and universal joints, spindles, guides and gears.
    Use especially in dusty environments


Shake well before use. Surfaces should be dry and free of dust and grease. Apply a thin layer of the dry chain spray. Spray again thinly after approx. 2 minutes. Allow to dry very well before loading.



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