Ural-Team Oberhausen

Come and experience the unique charm of the Russian

URAL teams and the Indian ROYAL ENFIELDmotorcycles

The originality and the coarse charm from the time when motorcycles were still used objects are still today, in addition to a greatly improved technical equipment, standard attributes of these motorcycles.
Precisely because the design of bygone times is reproduced everywhere, these motorcycles are more contemporary than ever.

The Ural team is looking forward to your visit


The new Ural Ranger and the Royal Enfield 650 Twin Models - Test drive now with us!


Limited Edition 2020 URAL Red October II - II

Already in 2010 there was already a "Red October" Limited Edition of the Ural team. With red/black paintwork, 18-inch wheels with black chrome-plated spoke rims and low sidecars, the special model, decorated with Soviet pistons and sickle, quickly became one of the most popular of Urals Limited Editions. To celebrate the 10th anniversary, the Ural Red October II is now coming.

Find out more about the URAL Red October II here

The hunt for "Red October II" is now open. 20 pieces will be delivered to Ural dealers in December. The Ural Red October II is officially dedicated to Sean Connery, who died on October 31, 2020.

GRENZGANZ-Stream Episode 9
LIVE on Sun. 15.11. at 5 p.m.
"972 Breakdowns

Leaving Home Funktion - Auf dem Landweg nach New York Tickets | Karten bei ADticket.de

The five-member artist collective leavinghome funktion has completed its studies and is taking an unusual career step: you move the household goods, buy Ural motorcycles, announce the long-distance destination of New York – and steer the aged Soviet machines in the wrong direction: to the east! Because the Big Apple is to be reached by land – and that has consequences. Travellers romp through deserts, swamps, swarms of Siberian tiger mosquitoes and the jungle of bureaucracy for two and a half years ... 972 breakdowns promote contacts with locals and creativity. Thanks to healthy settings, the 5-series combination survives all the dangers to the 40,000 km with some scar, but mentally unscathed: challenges invite you to explore unknown regions inside, and are a chance to become an expert – whether for motorcycle repair, boat building, letterpress or pulling teeth ...
During the inspiring live stream, you can post your questions and comments in the chat, which will answer the lefthome function in the talk parts after half and at the end of the show in front of the camera!

Here you can go directly to the GRENZGANG stream with leavinghome function

Experience the pure driving fun with the new Ural generation!
Now the Ural Ranger or the Ural cT here with us test drive!


Royal Enfield Interceptor 650 Twin - Royal Enfield Continental GT 650 Twin

For decades, the name Royal Enfield stands for classic single-cylinder motorcycles. But with the Interceptor 650 and the Continental GT 650, a classic

Parallel twin motor for use. The two-cylinder models were developed with inspiration from the legendary Royal Enfield parallel twins from the 1960s.
The characteristic 648cc engine, cooled by air and oil, delivered an incredible torque over the entire speed band. Combined with the unique sound of the exhaust, the Royal Enfield two-cylinder has always provided a pure riding experience and a breathtaking motorcycle experience. The engine range will be expanded by an air/oil-cooled in-line two-cylinder engine, which mobilizes 35 kW/48 hp and 52 newton meters with a new six-speed transmission of 648 cubic centimeters of displacement. While the Interceptor 650 looks like a typical 60s Naked bike, the Continental GT 650 is more of a sporty-accented Café Racer.
Even though both models are equipped with modern technology and contemporary components, they radiate the spirit of days gone by like hardly any other retro bike.

Royal Enfield Himalayan

With the Himalayan, Royal Enfield presents for the first time an Enduro - Built for adventure!

Whether you choose the highway, muddy dirt roads, winding asphalt or bumpy gravel slopes, the Royal Enfield Himalayan shares your passion for travel and new discoveries. The Himalayan is exactly what you expect - pure adventure!

Learn more and experience when you visit us - we are happy!


  • Ural Motorcycles

    Experience the unique

    Charm of the Russian Ural Teams

    The Ural teams awaken the desire for freedom and remind us of carefree times when a motorcycle and a driving destination was all you need.

    Experience the URAL philosophy, the unmistakable design and the individual character.

    Visit us and immerse yourself in the world of the Urals.

  • Royal Enfield

    Experience the unique charm

    of indian Royal Enfield motorcycles

    Creating a ROYAL ENFIELD takes almost a week.

    All components are prepared by traditional handicraft and are assembled according to today's specifications.

    All screws and nuts are inserted and tightened by hand. The golden trim lines on the gasoline tank are pulled by hand with a tow brush.

    Even the final test run is manual work, in the traditional way, through a personal test run on the test track.

    This makes every ROYAL ENFIELD unique and special.

    With a ROYAL ENFIELD you don't get any retro machine, but a rare, handmade motorcycle.

    Keep tradition, live the extraordinary! As a friend of the exclusive, you too will be amazed by this unique driving experience of a ROYAL ENFIELD !


    An original with character and soul

    Those who call a ROYAL ENFIELD their own have a motorcycle of the oldest motorcycle brand in the world and with the irresistible charm of a classic car, combined with modern technology and reliability.

    Let yourself be taken away into the Royal Enfield world!

    Visit us and immerse yourself in the Royal Enfield world!


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