DIN angle connector
  • DIN angle connector
  • DIN angle connector

DIN angle connector

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DIN angle connector

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DIN angle connector

Baas Bikeparts Angle plug for DIN on-board sockets Ø12mm BA12

On the Ural Ranger/Sportsman models, the standard on-board sockets are positioned laterally in the front of the boat or too close to the driver's legs. If you want to connect something here while driving, it is usually very annoying. With this plug you can change that!


    suitable for all DIN sockets (Ø 12 mm)
    due to the angled cable outlet, the cable does not stand out as far as conventional plugs while driving
    it is intended for the conversion of existing charging plugs
    the plastic housing can be unscrewed and you find the possibility to screw or solder the cables + and - on

Dimensions (approx.):
Outer-Ø in DIN socket: 11.5 mm
outside-Ø DIN-plug outside socket x total height: 16,5 x 41 mm
Length x width x height of connector housing: 46 x 22 x 14 mm
Weight: 14 g

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