BMC Air filter insert Himalayan/Scram411
  • BMC Air filter insert Himalayan/Scram411

BMC Air filter insert Himalayan/Scram411

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BMC Air filter insert Himalayan/Scram411


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BMC Air filter insert Himalayan/Scram411

BMC exchange air filter


The know-how acquired on the race tracks is directly incorporated into the production of the series filters,

to offer the demanding motorcyclist a product that is proven, performs and is in constant evolution.


The materials used are the best currently available on the market.

The filters are made of a single rubber frame to prevent any possible breakage.

The filtering element is made of a special cotton fabric (4 layers) soaked in an oil with low stickiness.


It is covered by an aluminum net treated with an epoxy solution to be resistant to gasoline vapors and oxidation.

Moreover, the cotton has the advantage of being washable and reusable.


Thanks to these features, the BMC sports air filters (exchange air filters) guarantee a higher air flow rate compared to the original paper filters used, a minimum pressure loss of the entering air and thus lead to a better performance of the engine.


- Durability: washable and reusable, no need for replacement

- Wider filter surface

- Maximum air permeability (4 layers of cotton)

- Higher absorption and filtration

- Better pressure drop ratio

- Tested by international testing procedures

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