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Book - Russisch Eisen

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Book - Russisch Eisen


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Book - Russisch Eisen, André Wachholz (German)

Ural and Dnepr - from the M72 to today

Millions of Russian carriages had to eke out an existence under the harshest conditions. They were hustled over bumpy roads in wind and weather, often mercilessly overloaded, always getting the maximum out of their performance and certainly not regularly maintained according to the manual. This may explain why, despite rising prices, many of the now ageing vehicles on the European market are in a state of disrepair and in urgent need of a caring hand.To the friend of the Soviet motorbike, the many negative opinions about Urals and Dneprs will seem exaggerated or even completely wrong. Nevertheless, a Soviet motorbike breaks down more often than a Western one.Not least, this helps us to develop a certain capacity for suffering, a lot of gallows humour and welds the scene together. A phenomenon that is as old as our motorbikes themselves.This book explains why this is so. But it also shows what you can do to prevent most breakdowns - and it whets your appetite for the Soviet way of riding, maintaining, cursing and loving motorbikes.

Year of publication: 2021

Published by: Karren Publishing

Binding: Book

Dimensions: 213x212x20 mm

Number of pages: 197

Weight: 700 g

Language: German

Author: André Wachholz

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