Front brake pads EBC 650Twin
  • Front brake pads EBC 650Twin

Front brake pads EBC 650Twin

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Front brake pads EBC 650Twin


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Front brake pads EBC 650Twin

EBC Brake Pads Standard

EBC version SK930/ SK931/ SK932/ SK933/ SK934 contain aramid fibers that are 6 times stronger than steel while being completely asbestos free .

Only low-pollutant components are used in production. These standard materials surpass all previous EBC standard grades. The material blends including the aramid fibers guarantee better braking performance .

High friction stability and a very good temperature resistance. The service life is very high and the disc attack is low. These qualities retain their excellent properties in all weather conditions .

EBC standard brake pads are TÜV tested and have an ABE.

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