Battery 18Ah YUASA

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Battery 18Ah YUASA


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Battery 18Ah YUASA

Fits all Ural teams with electric starter/starter

YUASA maintenance-free motorcycle battery

- Maintenance-free starter battery in reliable brand quality

- Leak-proof thanks to AGM technology (Absorbed Glass Mat)

- Leak-proof overpressure valve prevents ignition of the electrolyte in case of overpressure

- Vibration resistant

- Up to 3x longer life span compared to standard batteries

- Advanced lead-calcium technology increases start-up performance

- Sulphate stop significantly restricts plate sulfation

- Maintenance-free batteries do not require refilling of distilled water

- By heating connected battery housing prevents leakage and corrosion

- An acid pack with the appropriate amount of acid for filling is included in the scope of delivery

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