Brake disc EBC rear 650Twin
  • Brake disc EBC rear 650Twin

Brake disc EBC rear 650Twin

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Brake disc EBC rear 650Twin

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Brake disc EBC rear 650Twin

Brake discs EBC. MADE IN UK

The aim in the development is to improve the braking performance compared to the original brake disc. EBC uses HPSR steel with a low carbon content, which has a coefficient of friction 18% higher. This steel is much more resistant to rust than cast steel. In addition, the entire surface is protected with a 3-micron thick zinc coating, which abrades in the area of the brake pad contact zone already during braking. Only in this area can light flash rust form during prolonged service life.

The brake discs are drilled in a birdcage design to get by with as few holes as possible while optimizing cleaning of the brake disc from rainwater and brake dust. The fewer the holes, the better the wet braking performance and the lower the wear.

- Rigid brake disc.

- Made of rolled HPSR steel with low carbon content.

- Braking surface drilled with optimized hole pattern.

- Radially ground.

- Zinc plated to protect against corrosion.

- EBC recommends EBC Organic brake pads or for sporty drivers EBC Double-H sintered brake pads.

- Independent design.


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