Electric Terminal Sidecar
  • Electric Terminal Sidecar
  • Electric Terminal Sidecar
  • Electric Terminal Sidecar

Electric Terminal Sidecar

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Electric Terminal Sidecar


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Electric Terminal Sidecar

This terminal can be mounted in all Ural sidecars.

It has a charging socket in EU standard, to this socket you can plug all the devices that also fit a car cigarette lighter.
It also has a double USB port for phone charger, navi, etc.

Furthermore, it has cable connection for auxiliary headlights on the sidecar, a toggle switch for actuating the auxiliary headlight(s) and a fuse box with 5 fuses.

The terminal must be connected to the main harness.

For Urals of the model years 2009 to 2016 we can offer the cable connection 6492.
For Urals from year 2017 onwards, we have cable connection 6493 available.
For Urals of the year 2008 and older we can unfortunately not offer a connection solution.

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